Weekly Jobs Post 23/11/2022

Ballycotton Seafood

Ballycotton Seafood is hiring for staff wanted in their smoke house duties include labeling and packing orders. You can contact Ballycottonm Seafood on

(021) 4646522 or Email your CV to [email protected]

Midleton Credit Union

Interested In Volunteering In Midleton Credit Union
Midleton Credit union has is its volunteers. The Board of Directors of every credit union is drawn from the credit union’s members, who have the skills and knowledge to lead and manage the credit union. They freely give their time to develop and enhance the services of the credit union, which in turn works to support and enhance the development of the community it serves in Midleton.
Midleton Credit Union volunteers can benefit from many opportunities, including:
• Being responsible for directing the affairs of a local business
• Gaining new skills and experience with a professional financial services provider
• Enhancing personal development through targeted training programmes
• Increasing career prospects by adding a valuable achievement to their CVs
• Meeting like-minded people from the community
• Knowing that they have helped the continued development of a professional service which benefits the entire community within Midleton.
For more information, please contact Midleton Credit Union on 021 4631073.

























































































































Weekly Jobs Post 16/09/2022

Midleton Park Hotel

Midleton Park Hotel are hiring for numerous positions within our Food and Beverage Department 

Visit www.midletonpark.com/careers.html to apply now.

Leahys Open Farm

Leahys Open Farm are hiring for a stall vendor in the Cork City region and would be interested in working an ice cream and chocolate stall in the marina market please email us your CV to the following email address [email protected]