Business Name:

Barnabrow Country House

Your name:

Dr Geraldine Kidd



Contact Number: (Business)


How long are you in business?

23 years

Tell us a little bit about your business?

Barnabrow hosts bespoke weddings in a private and relaxed setting for couples who are looking for something different. Many different kinds of celebrations are held here too. Our Sunday Lunch is phenomenal! We care a lot about the environment and have an organic walled garden. Our donkeys are fairly famous- much photographed.

What is the history or background of your business?

It is family owned and run and has grown organically. At this stage it has employed generations of local staff many of whom are college students who constantly and repetitively get great reviews from guests who encounter them.

What are you best known for and why?

We have a great reputation for high quality food thanks to the stewardship of our Michelin Star- trained chef, Stuart Bowes, who has been a key team leader since 2012. Huge attention is paid to the details – the sourcing, the quality, the preparation of our scratch cooked dishes. Our guests appreciate it.

What makes your business different from other businesses like it?

I think it is our effort to give wedding couples what they want. We specialise in ‘flexible’- we are not formulaic. Most people that approach us wants their wedding to be different- we do our very best to make that happen.

What are your plans for the future of the business?

To continue to improve and upgrade the property in order to offer superior comforts.

Have you any tips or advice for potential customers or clients?

We are very open to our clients own ideas – please come and ask. We also have loads of advice from our experience of hosting hundreds of weddings which we are very happy to share- again just ask.

What is it like having a business in the Midleton Area?

Midleton is vibrant with an active business sector that is well tuned in to trends and changes. Since I started in business it seems that there is more and more help, education and advice available.

If you could add or change one thing about the Midleton Area what would it be and why?

My business suffers from the lack of public transport to the outlying rural areas. A shuttle service of some sort, particularly at weekends, would be great.