Business Name:
National Learning Network FOCUS Midleton
Your name:
Brenda Wall/Kevin Long
Email Address:
[email protected]
Contact Number: (Business)
How long are you in business?
17 Years
Tell us a little bit about your business?
We provide a training and recovery service for adults with mental health issues. We are community based, funded by the HSE to support people back into employment or further education. This is a free service with excellent outcomes.
What is the history or background of your business?
Focus supports individuals who have had a setback in their lives to move forward into employment or training. We are the community outreach branch of National Learning Network which is the education branch of Rehab. Through training and work experience placements, individuals prepare to join the workforce again in a wide range of employments.
What are you best known for and why?
Training, Mental Health Support and as the providers of the renown WRAP programme in Cork.
What makes your business different from other businesses like it?
Our year long programme has been honed and developed over 17 years and it provides the right balance of support, planning and advocacy to prepare individuals for a fulfilled future of community inclusion
What are your plans for the future of the business?
We will continue to develop our training programme to suit the changing needs of clients.We are developing our work experience programme with the help of local businesses to support our clients. We continue to advocate for the support of people with disabilities despite attacks on their crucial funding because we believe that everybody is entitled to live a fulfilled life without housing, employment or lifestyle challenges.
Have you any tips or advice for potential customers or clients?
Everybody will experience a mental health challenge at some stage of their lives. We help people to overcome these challenges in a positive, independent way. Contact us or share this information with someone you know whether family member, friend or employee.
What is it like having a business in the Midleton Area?
Midleton is an enormously supportive and exciting community. Our service users partake in such a variety of activities here on our very doorstep. We love to support the full range of services in the area. We have always found an obliging and accommodating response from employers for our training and career preparation programme.
If you could add or change one thing about the Midleton Area what would it be and why?
Any other information you would like to add: